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Kimi Räikkönen

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Kimi Raikkonen

When can we see this again?

He didn’t like studying the books. Best day for Kimi was on Thursday because the scholastic program planned two hours of physical activity, two hours of unskilled labors, pea soup and crêpes for lunch. Every winter Kimi wore two schoolbags, not because of the books inside, but because he used one of them as a sledge when he went home. He was 16 years old when he stopped the professional school for a course for mechanics and he went away.
Matti Räikkönen on his son at school @kimiisland (via aloikkonen)

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Isabelle Adjani in Paris, 1974. Photo by Claude Azoulay

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Cate Blanchett || Robin Hood photocall at Cannes Film Festival (2010)


 asked: favourite kimi tattoo

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